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Stood for what he really loved--left with an Achilles' stump
still he'd run--for miles--just to the see that smile--feelin' some
sense of what his purpose was--nervousness--betrayed him
placed a curse upon his tongue--unable to convey this
so with his last breath--he left a final fatal statement
not to take away the pain--but simply to explain that--it was worth it
--for her--he gave all that he had--and it was worth it
--for her--he'd bear the weight and face the wrath

never speak a hurtful word--memories--the perfect person
everything--he'd worked for--burst in--several flames
--regurgitating--excerpts of the reveries she'd heard him say
never feed a bird of prey--dependancy
prevents the need to spread their wings
and learn to train--the muscles--that connect them to the sternum's frame
chemistry says they're the same--can't agree to share the blame
torturing themselves without mentioning the other's name
separation--tucked away--from the reach of--love's persuasion
--enough's enough--he's fadin'----and she's--become complacent
--nothing changes--but--the PH and the color gradients
--of the leaves--as she leaves him waitin'--seasons racin' by
no one to celebrate with--or from this hell escapeth
he seldom felt forsaken--by her--vellum paper tiger
knelt and prayed she'd help to save him from the razorwire
unprepared to wave goodbye to his one remaining ray of light
he'd brave the fire fate conspired--pay the piper to make it right


released February 14, 2017
Prod. by Final Focus.
Lyrics written and performed by NotForgotten.
Additional vocals provided by Final Focus.

Photograph by Terrill Welch. Terrill Welch is a painter and photographer. To learn more, feel free to browse through her site.



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NotForgotten Baltimore, Maryland

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