by NotForgotten

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I've been telling you--so you oughta know
what will happen--UNLESS

my record gets dropped real soon--see I've
--been kept--in a locked sealed room
--perfectin' the rhyme skills--doodles--in the sketchbook
--prove that I don't rest--just--look
----tirelessly work--to write a decent verse
the type to leave a perm--anent--mark
--so y'all can see my worth
carved, burned, and etched into the epidermis
my darkest thoughts that crept up to the surface
learn to love the internal struggle--it's worth the trouble
rip out the serpent's tongue before it numbs you
--hang by a thread on the edge of a pendulum blade
live every moment knowing--death is a second away
still the songs take forever to make
and I gotta set 'em to tape or all this effort's a waste
----I took the path of most resistance with no assistance
--dating back to when honing writtens was craft
--no one listens--but

I've been telling you--so you oughta know
what will happen--UNLESS

I move out this house right now--see I've
--been doomed since a youth stepchild
bruises provide the rent in this abusive environment
only juvenile defense is a suicidal attempt
it's loss of liquid in veins--a simple equation
call it sick and deranged--I'm sick of this different day same shit
give it away--like this shit is contagious
trip for the ages--leavin' this plane of existence
for a distant vacation--fuck the location
--or justification--as long as
I'm safe from this civilization
agoraphobic--shit I wish this door would open
but I bolted, boarded it up--and now the walls are closin'
I walk alone--on this lonely road
a rolling stone----I wrote myself into a corner
then I punched a hole
to a dead-end job--with no recognition
the weakest links thieve and sink to the best positions
the hardest worker goes the farthest--is it fact or fiction?
--still--I sketch and spit--you never listen--but--

I've been telling you--so you oughta know
what will happen--UNLESS

I get with the girl this time--
I've made--every attempt and waited on bated breath
waste away and I wept--til I strained a vein in my head
we made this dangerous bed--and I'm in it--layin' to rest
I've been scarred for life and marked for death
carve a knife into my heart like Elliot Smith
or help me resist--and kick--this unhealthy addiction
--tell me this vision--of me and you
could become--truth in commitment
it's everything I've worked to assemble
may not be perfect--but I'm certain
no one on earth'd treat you as nurturing, gentle
--I just want to build a life that's better
children--a wife--together--willing to fight
whatever comes our way--but it's like
I'm stuck in stasis--
suffocating--as my love estranges
--is she sending signals or just dead air?
just in case I've made arrangements and I'll wait until she gets here
end transmission--with the wish--she hears the message clear

I've been telling you--so you oughta know
what will happen--UNLESS


released July 22, 2017
Lyrics written and performed by NotForgotten.
Produced by Hala-X.
Artwork by NotForgotten.



all rights reserved


NotForgotten Baltimore, Maryland

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